Considering Citizens Academy East for your child?

We're honored you're considering our school for your child (or children!). We are really proud of the community of learners we have built here. But don't take our word for it 🙂 Here is CAE in a nutshell, from one of our current 5th graders:

"What I like about CAE is the teaching.  We are learning about food webs and food chains so when I get to college, I will already know these things.  In enrichment, we learn that winners never quit.  In literacy and math blocks, the teacher says “you can’t” are very strong words and you never know you can’t if you don’t try.  It is great for me to attend CAE.  I am happy to be here each day because I am smarter when I leave."

- CAE 4th Grader

Citizens Academy East

We work hard every day to make sure every one feels cared for, challenged, and motivated to learn.

"I like to come to school every day because I have the best teacher and I have the best friends. The best thing about CAE is we can go on field trips like the zoo, the rain forest, Playhouse Square, and the apple farm."

- CAE First Grader

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