Special activities with your child

April brings end of year assessments. Depending on your child’s grade level they will be taking an assessment in reading and math (science too, for 5th graders) to evaluate what their academic growth and achievement has been for the 2018-2019 school year. Results will be available for school based assessments by mid May and for state assessments we expect information by mid-June. Stay tuned!

Parent Teacher conferences were hosted March 20th and 21st. Over 80% of our children had a conference to review progress and plan for the upcoming weeks. The students and teachers appreciate having parents and guardians come in to learn and support the children’s education and learn about their progress.

March is Reading month. During the month children participated in D.E.A.R. – Drop everything and read, Dr. Seuss spirit week, we had our second Book Fair of the year and a Character Day Parade. The children dressed up as a favorite character and we had many wonderful creative costumes. Many families came to watch the parade as it went by.

Black History Assemblies were well attended by families. The children participated in singing songs and reading selections from historical African American figures in history. Thank you for supporting the children in learning about their cultural history. 

The re-enrollment window has closed. However, if you still wish to enroll for the 2019-2020 school year you may complete an Enrollment Application. Simply click on the Start Application link on the home page. Please call the office with any questions 216-367-9392. 

Math with Men was great on January 14th! So many father figures join their children in the classroom to do word problems, solve puzzles, calculate trajectory, build structures and the activities were enjoyed by all!

We had many students participate this year in the Holiday Shop December 10-14th, which  provides students with the opportunity to buy something special for family and loved ones. The shop also works as a small fundraiser for school needs. Thank you for supporting school programming!

Book Fair the first week of December was well attended by students and staff! Many students and staff were able to purchase books and materials to enjoy and support their love of learning. The Book Fair raised funds which will be used for purchasing more books and materials for our school library and classrooms. Book Fair returns in March too! Thank you for providing your children with the opportunity to sit down with a good book

Parent Teacher conferences were hosted December 5th and 6th. Over 90% of our children had a conference to review progress and plan for the upcoming weeks. Wonderful to have so many parents and guardians participating in their students education and advocating for their learning opportunities!

Moments with Mom on November 12th was a tremendous event! Over one hundred and fifty students had their mom visit the classroom and participate in a class activity. The children were so excited to have mom see the exciting things happening in their classroom. Many moms laughed and enjoyed doing the work with their children. Thank you for being your child’s advocate and coming to school!

Family Night on October 16th with or 3rd-5th grade students had a great turn out. Families played math games, learned about classroom routines and participated in Kahoot activities. It was great to see all the fun and smiles!

Walk your child to school day on September 20th was well attended by over 30 Fathers and/or male relatives in grades Kindergarten through 5th bringing their children to school. Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to your child’s(ren’s) education by joining in and coming to school! 

September 10th – Grandparents Day was a huge success! We had 138 Grandparents/guardians of students in grades Kindergarten through 5th came to school and participated in classroom activities. Thank you for actively supporting the students of CAE!

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