Special activities with your child *Updated

Stay tuned for details about upcoming events this year!

  • Grandparents Day on September 13th was a huge success! Over 50 Grandparents of students in grades Kindergarten through 5th came to school and participated in classroom activities. Thank you for actively supporting the students of CAE!
  • Fathers / male relatives walk your child to school day on September 20th was well attended with over 40 Fathers and/or male relatives in grades Kindergarten through 6th bringing their children to school. Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to your child’s(ren’s) education by joining in and coming to school today! 
  • Moments with Mom on October 13 was a tremendous event! One hundred and forty-eight students had their mom visit the classroom and participate in a class activity. The children were so excited to have mom see the exciting things happening in their classroom. Many moms had grand smiles and enjoyed doing the work with their children. Thank you for being your child’s advocate and coming to school!

Up Next:

  • Book Fair – ***November 27-December 1*** More information coming soon
  • Holiday Shop – December
  • Decimals with Dad – January 19
  • Read Across America day – March 2
  • Book Fair – March
  • Assessment Palazzo – April
  • College and Career day – May